About Me

My name is Cassie. That’s how this is supposed to start, right? Because I’m honestly finding this whole “about me” thing very difficult. My instinct, like most people pleasers, is to tell you my best qualities like a dating profile or something. But no one wants to hear about someone that thinks they have it all figured out.

So let me restart… I am a recent college graduate who truly has no idea what my next step is. Since I have no formal career title to present to you I will say that I am a world traveler, a lifter of heavy weights, an aspiring inspirer, and I can officially add blogger to the list.

I definitely do not have it all figured out. All I know for sure is that I want to be the person that people say, “Because of you, I chose to see things differently, I chose to follow my happiness, I chose to be better.” And if achieving that takes me being honest and open, then let’s do it.

I am happy that you are here to grow with me and that you all can accompany me on my journey to the next step.

About Squats for the Soul

Most things in life don’t occur as a singular process. A tree needs the perfect combination of sunlight, seeds, soil, and water to grow, to blossom, and to thrive. If just one of these aspects are not tended to, the tree would remain components stifled in its attempts to flourish.

Like trees, we are the connection of the distinct processes of the mind, body, and soul coming together. Each part must be given equal energy for all of us to be able to live in a state of wholeness. We must ground ourselves with the intention of growing these aspects to express our fullest potential.