“When I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me.”- Dr. Steve Maraboli

It seems that some of the most troublesome times occur when we yearn for others to see and accept us. Interaction, while essential, is often used as a means to come to terms with our own limitations. We look to others to recognize the parts of us that we feel we may not hold value; the places where we believe our hopes and expectations transcend our abilities. Perhaps we believe that if someone else loved these places within us, then we would be saved from the incredible and often grueling journey to see ourselves differently. For many, this journey involves understanding that we are defined by the things we are rather than the things we are not. When we can accept that there is wonder in all of the places in our hearts and minds, even the places we fear that we are most inadequate, is when we can genuinely share ourselves with others without looking to them for reassurance that we are the invaluable individuals we have always been.

Are you authentically connecting with others? Or are your interactions with others an expression of your desire for acceptance?