“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” – Max DePree

There is a feeling of comfort when we remain in the familiarity of who we are. The unknown in the world and more importantly within ourselves is a place most of us fear to enter as it takes parting from all we know, all that keep us still, grounded in equilibrium. However, on the other side of this finely crafted balance, in the world of the unfamiliar, is everything. It takes astounding ability to be able to step into the unknown without inhibition, propelling ourselves forward in spite of fear to grow. When we are willing to forfeit the stability of everything that we are, we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to enter in a state of becoming. Frequently we emerge as all of the things we had hoped to be, and more often than not, something even better.

Are you willing to surrender who you are now for who you want to be? If so, can you, in the face of the uncharted, take the first step?