“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known.” – Brené Brown

There is a great deal of difficulty that comes with exposure, in revealing all that we are. In our attempts at self-preservation, we take refuge behind the fabricated sense of security that ensues when we are unwilling take down our defenses. Yet, if we only knew the wonderful possibilities that could emerge if we were able to shatter our shelter and pour out all that we are in order to truly be seen by another. To allow ourselves to empty out all that is in our hearts and minds does not occur without an enormous amount of audacity and risk. But it is a far greater misfortune to forfeit the chance for more honest connection because we refuse to surrender to the feeling of being deeply known and understood. Consequently, we must fracture our pretenses and bring to light everything that makes us vulnerable; thus, providing us with the opportunity to grow, where our roots may connect with others in love and trust.

Do you show love through the small openings of your defenses out of fear of feeling exposed? If so, may you remember that love can cultivate far more in places where the light of who we are is shown and seen by another.