“You cannot find peace by avoiding life” - Virginia Woolf

We all too often mistake peace with lack of feeling. We believe that to attain peace we must escape the hurt so it can no longer our state of mind. As a result, we numb ourselves so we are relieved from the overwhelming act of confronting our pain head on. While this proves to be somewhat successful in the short run, over time evading our fear of feeling hurt keeps us from experiencing the fullness of life. And although we think we are attaining peace, the pain finds a way of manifesting in different experiences. We must allow ourselves to sit with the depth our emotions without judgment or hurry. In the end, surrendering to life in such a way proves to be the path to creating space with our pain so as to create long lasting peace.

Do you evade experiences or feelings because they have proved to be hurtful? Discord will only fully dissipate when we become deeply involved rather than detaching from our experience of life.