What does fitness mean to me?

Most people would find this question quite self-explanatory. For many people, fitness is the gateway to health or attaining an “aesthetically ideal” body. I agree completely with those reasons. In most cases, working out provides so many benefits for your body, aesthetics, and general wellbeing.

In my experience, fitness has become a lot more. Health is initially viewed through the body - does your body look and feel the way you would like it to? However, there are mental, emotional, and spiritual components that intertwine with wellness. All of these components rely on each other and that dependence is the very reason some people can work their asses off at the gym and continue to be unsatisfied. Fitness can be mentally and emotionally draining; therefore, it can reveal other aspects of life that require attention and need to be worked out as well.

Fitness has allowed me to be in tune with my body and amaze myself with how much strength and agility I have gained in the process. If someone told me a few months ago that I would be dead lifting well over my own body weight, I would have thought, "This mother trucker is delusional." Now I am better in tune with my body, knowing when I can try for more weight or higher reps. I have a healthier outlook on food as fuel to support my body rather than something that ultimately made me feel guilty. And I have realized my resilience when I’m sore as heck and still show up and push through a work out.

On the other side of all these amazing outcomes, I have seen how harsh I can be on myself. I have compared myself to people far beyond my own fitness level. I have looked in the mirror and wished to have a completely different body type. When I overthink, I have talked myself out of lifting more weight because the number just seemed completely ridiculous for little ol’ me to ever pick up. Fitness has made me see that I was never going to be my best physical self if my mind, emotions, and spirit were not tended to.

You may be reading this and thinking, “wow this girl takes working out pretty seriously.” But I have fallen in love with the process of improving myself. It is not always easy, pretty, and I may have scared some of you out of even trying, but my goodness gracious is it all worth it to just see myself transform. I can only hope that by sharing my thoughts and experiences, you can fall in love with the process too.