Why Asking for Help in the Gym isn't a Sign of Weakness

You’re in the gym, lifting, and you want to go for heavier weight. But you’re worried...

What if you drop it? What if you can’t do as many reps as you wanted to?

You are worried that you will look silly asking for help and that by looking to others to show you the way, they may think that you have no business being in the weight room.

Trust me, I’ve felt that way many times too. I learned this lesson when I was working out alone. I was on my the second set benching 100 pounds going for 8 reps. I was clearly struggling and someone asked if I needed a spotter. I was hesitant… would I look weak or inexperienced? In the end, I even got tips and it was way better than going through 16 more reps afraid that my arms and chest would give out, right?

In that moment I was afraid of how others would perceive me. However, playing scared never gets you very far in the gym… or life in general for that matter. Everything you fear about asking for help is WRONG!! Most people recognize that you are trying. Most people appreciate that you are working your ass off in the gym and value their knowledge. Most people would rather help you through a few reps than see you drop weight that you could have lifted if you didn’t act afraid.

Growth will take getting out of your comfort zone and interacting with people. Everyone is in the same place in the gym. We are all pushing ourselves to do better, be healthier, and lift more. We all started somewhere so do not be ashamed of where you are in your journey. Ask for help!!