Carbs are not the Devil: Why You Should be Eating More Carbs Than You Think

A very sad event has occurred over the years, which has ultimately created an epidemic. It is the continuous shunning of a very important, beautiful player in all of our health. We have all gone too far and it's time to take a stand against the victimization of...Carbs.

Carbs have long been labeled as demons. Doctors, diets, and media all tell you to stay away from the tastiest macronutrient to bless this planet. Carbs were said to be the reason we gain weight. It is why people brag about eating salads and feel guilty when they eat donuts, pizza, or hot cookies straight out of the oven… Mm mm. Carbs are typically premade, making them easy to grab and eat. They are also even easier to over-eat because they are delicious as heck.

However, what everyone forgets to tell you is how important carbs are while training. If you are consistently sluggish and cannot manage to recover fully without feeling sore; or maybe you are not seeing the muscular results that you want and your muscles are not looking as “full”. Perhaps it is time to let these glorious treats into your life and let them work their magic.

Carbs energize you while you work out. They give you optimal recovery aftewards so you do not feel crippled the next time you train. Not only that, but carbs help fuel your cells while they are rebuilding and growing your muscles. Ultimately, your body can not transform or even perform the way you want without them.

This is by no means a way for you to go on a rampage and stuff your face. When you eat carbs and how many carbs you eat should be proportional to your training time, your body weight, and how physically demanding your workout is. Balance and timing are everything! But, we must let go of the idea that carbs are the devil. Carbs are friends in food form and you wouldn't leave a friend behind, would you?