Do you Really Want to Know What I Do? My Full Workout Routine Revealed

A lot of people recently have come up to me and commented, “You look great!” “You look skinny” “You look buff” “You look (fill in the blank with something incredibly sweet)”. However, every compliment is almost always followed by the question: What do you do?

Typically I explain my routine. I am currently training for a powerlifting competition. I do heavy powerlifting exercises about 3 days a week, Olympic lifts 2-5 days a week, and do accessory exercises 2 days a week. I was also massing for my meet, which led me to eat around 2500 calories a day for the past few months.

The response to all of that is one of a few things: Delayed WTF face or “Woah! You are crazy! I could never do that!” Or a beautiful combination of both. Their response usually has me questioning why I go through explaining my routine when I really would prefer to say in the kindest way possible, “Do you really want to know what I do?” I think people truly expect me to know some secret, easy way to look great but I have nothing special to share.

I don’t think people really want to understand that getting where I am wasn’t pretty. It took dedicating two hours in the gym no matter what. If I’m busy or just utterly exhausted, I make it to the gym 5 days a week. For all of you that love peanut butter, the love dies just a little bit when you have to eat tablespoons of it to the face every day to hit your weight goals. I look buff, skinny, or whatever you call it because I committed to it like Kim Kardashian commits to taking selfies and girls commit to documenting their Sunday brunch on snapchat.

This is not a rant for someone to give me a pat on the back. It is for anyone that thinks that the path to get to where I am is either easy or took losing my life in the process. It is neither one of those. I live my life but I make it a habit to actively strive to get stronger and better. My routine does not involve taking a diet pill or starving myself. It simply boils down to hard work and consistency. It is everything you could be doing once you stop telling yourself you can't. You can! So I’ll ask, “Do you really want to know what I do?”