"Fit" is in the Eye of the Beholder: Part 2

“Oh my what big thighs you have.” 

At one point I would have cursed at the sky and swore that if I heard that one more time I was going to simultaneously lose my marbles, my mind, and a sliver of my self-confidence. Maybe the adjective choice was not a very flattering one, but the truth was the comment just revealed the aspect of myself that I felt most self-conscious. It was like the sirens of my ego suddenly went off and were saying, “See!! I told you that your thighs were not ideal! You’re really not that fit I mean where’s your thigh gap? Where’s your six pack?” Sounds like a pretty harsh way to talk to yourself doesn’t it? Underneath all of my layers of confidence now was once a person that wished in the past to be more “fit”, which really translated to I wanted to have a completely different body. I mean what the hell is “fit” supposed to look like in the first place??

Fit looks completely different for everyone and much of it has to do with the kind of body you were blessed to have. Let me repeat the kind of body you were BLESSED to have. The easiest way to divide the body types is through somatotypes- ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. I’m a classic mesomorph, which is likely why I can put on muscle and lose fat fairly easy and also why people always comment on my legs being big and muscular. Ectomorphs usually have high metabolisms, lending them to have tall, slender frames but making it harder for them to gain muscle. An endomorph is typically larger in stature, having extra weight in their midsection and legs but with the ability to put on a lot of muscle.


Most people look at those body types and think “oh crap I’m going to forever be stuck in a type that I don’t like!” While it is not typical to be able to completely change your type, there is always room to improve within each body. There are tiny endomorphs and more muscular ectomorphs but physical growth is more likely to happen when you tailor your nutrition and training to your body. For more information on your body type and what nutrition and training works best for you, click here.

When I first understood my type it made sense to me why I didn't have what I believed to be the most “fit” body, I was anticipating to suddenly become thin and long. However, my body was made to be muscular with thighs that could be used to kick ass and as a weapon of self defense. It was a large lesson for me in gratitude- to be thankful for this beautiful vessel I was given. When I focused less on what I couldn’t be, it allowed me to excel more with what I have. Being “fit” is not a set standard, it is the mindset you choose and how much you are willing to dedicate to practicing gratitude for all that you are and strive to be better. The choice is always yours to see you and your health differently. So, what will your “fit” look like?