Gym Terms Explained: The Meaning of "Swole"

Swole (adj) : Derived from the term “swollen”, it is used to describe the aesthetic of being extremely buff or muscular.

“Bro, has Carl been going to the gym? He’s been looking swole lately!”

This is not just a sarcastic term used to mock people who think they are buff. This is actually the byproduct of hard work and becoming swole is a lot harder than people think. Gaining even a half a pound of pure muscle takes sticking to a regimen. I am currently trying to gain muscle and I now have a newfound appreciation for people, especially women, who are noticeably muscular.

Disclaimer: A female’s version of swole is going to look completely different than a male’s so please spare the “but I’ll become bulky” tirade that women are fixated on.

Steps to being swole:

  1. Set a schedule of heavy lifting... with correct form of course. What is deemed as heavy weight looks different for everyone but remember muscle is not just going to grow if you are going through the motions so push yourself.

  2. Eat!! Adopt a diet that is timed and portioned well so you are eating the correct things when your body needs it. Gaining muscle typically requires a surplus of food to fuel the repair of your muscles. Click here if you would like a great resource for dieting to gain muscle.

  3. Recover, recover, and recover. Not giving your body time to rest can actually be counterproductive. Take advantage of rest days, epsom salt baths, acupuncture or any other ways to replenish strength and energy back to your body.

Every aspect of your training must be in line to get the muscular growth that you want. Being swole can be achievable for those that are willing to work for it. While working out is not exclusively about improving appearance, it is something to be proud about when your body is gaining and showing muscle. So wear those tank tops and short shorts in the gym and show off that swole, strong body of yours.