How Safe Is Your Body From Others' Opinions? The Truth About the Disgusting Trend of Body Shaming

I’m quite sure that we all have been there. Someone may have pointed out that you are too skinny or curvy or this or that. All of a sudden, you can no longer see anything but those “thunder thighs” or stretch marks. It is fueled by a disgusting trend called body shaming. Although it is nothing new and some forms of shaming are more prevalent than others, social media makes it all too easy for people to spill their boo boo comments onto someone’s profile.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen videos of girls lifting hundreds of pounds but somehow people still comment about her tiny shorts and sports bra. Or when others have the audacity to talk an overweight person working out when it is clear that they are actively trying to work on their health. *cue “are you freaking kidding me” face*


People who are overweight are not lazy and they do care about themselves.

Not all thin people are anorexic and some are actually desperately trying to gain muscle.

Girls with muscles that lift weights are still feminine.

And all of these people should be able to wear whatever the hell they want without being subjected to your opinion about it.

This needs to no longer be an acceptable form of displaying your opinion for the sole fact that it is not an opinion but a blatant sign that you are insecure and seeking validation. Therefore, I must ask: Are you okay? Why do you feel the need to tear others down? 

It is time to switch up the dialogue we have about bodies. Nobody can escape the judgements of others, which makes it important for you to be your own version of healthy. No matter what vessel you are blessed with, if you have extra skin hanging here or you have no muscle definition there, you can be your own advocate to being better. When we see that we all are trying to be our best, then it may be easier to speak to others from an increasingly empathetic place. The place that knows we are trying to figure out what our form of normal and healthy looks like to us because it is different for everybody. The moment we start uplifting others, then we will understand what it means to be compassionate human beings. Ultimately, no amount of working out or eating healthy will make you look good if your insides are ugly from being hurtful to others.

*mic drop*