How to Not Give Up Your Life While Getting in Shape

It has come to my attention that people no longer feel comfortable eating meals with me. Every time I want to go out to lunch with someone, they become hesitant about things like the choice in restaurant. My mom even told me that she doesn’t even know what I eat anymore? *Cue confused face* I believe they think that since I dedicate energy to being healthy, I no longer eat real food. Or maybe that I live a life condemned to eating salads all the time and have to do without everything that doesn’t fall into their scope of what healthy looks like.

Being healthy does not mean losing out on things that you like. Whether it be treats or leisure time, your decisions do not have to based on the idea that you have to give things up. Health happens with choosing certain things in moderation. Have a treat every now and again or better yet, have your treats before or after your workout, when your body needs the fuel most!! Eating or drinking “bad” things becomes a problem when it is done in excess and out of habit. For example, there is a difference between going out and chugging tequila like it is water and having a few drinks and being on a good level. Only one will lead you to a massive hangover in the long run. The same goes for most things in life...balance is key. I eat frozen yogurt topped with toffee, Reese's, and marshmallow but I don’t do it every day.

Beyond the idea of moderation, there will be options that are better than others. Instead of eating pancakes, there are protein pancakes that will fill your craving for a breakfast goodie. Or instead of getting pasta for lunch, order salmon because the fats and protein will likely keep you fuller longer. Those substitutions make living a balanced and healthy life easier.

I do not go to lunch wondering if I will be able to eat anything nor do I worry about never having a donut grace my mouth with its presence. Live your life! Be aware about what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it. Giving up everything will not make you fit, but knowledge, mindset, and hard work will.