How to Not Sabotage your Progress

You’re working hard… you are in the gym all the time and your diet is on track. At this rate, you expect to be looking pretty sexy or hitting some PRs in a few weeks. However, when the time rolls around, you are not exactly where you want to be. You are annoyed.

Why work your ass off if you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for? Should you scrap all the workouts and healthy diet and look for something different… something that will get you what you want faster and easier?

HOLD ON RIGHT THERE! Maybe your routine isn’t the problem.

You’re on track to sabotaging your progress and here’s why: You are blinded by your expectations. While goals keep you focused toward putting in the work, holding on tightly to what you think your journey to being healthy should look like is what will undermine your growth.

There is one simple secret to maintaining your progress and that secret is gratitude.

I cannot tell you how many times I have thought to myself, “Yeah so what if I just got that PR, I wanted to be farther than that number by now” or “I’m seeing more ab definition but for as hard as I’m working I thought I would have a six pack at this point.” I was even cringing writing that down because it is sad to think that these thoughts actually go through my head. I can strive to look better or be stronger but thinking like that negates the fact that I have improved. I have experienced growth but yet I am disappointed because it is not what I hoped for.

Gratitude should be the attitude. You can always strive to be better but if you do not take the time now to notice your growth you will never be happy with your efforts. If you are putting in hours of effort, pushing yourself, and eating smart then continue on even if your body or strength level do not show it just yet. If no one will tell you that you’re fricken awesome then I will!

Being fit and healthy can be very demanding at times and the expected reward does not come as fast as you want. However, appreciation rather than criticism will allow you to notice and not lose sight of your progress.