Lifting your way to Self-Love

There is a connection between physical health and self-love. In many ways they depend on each other such that having growth in one area can lead to growth in the other. I would like to point out that physical health shouldn’t be the only way to help foster that love but it is an important activity to take on nevertheless. I found self-love in my fitness journey and in many ways my physical health has improved my self-love.

When I was in a very low point in my life, eating well and working out became a form of self-care. Exercise became a form of therapy and in many ways began to teach me the gift of self-improvement. When I focused my efforts on becoming healthier, I could appreciate myself even when I felt stagnant in other areas of my life. I decided to make my well-being a priority and with that I became and continue to become more in tune with my needs. Sometimes I WANT a donut and to watch 7 consecutive hours of Law and Order and sometimes my body does need that kind of rest. More often than not, in those moments what I really NEED is to re-energize my body. To pick up some weights and show that I’m capable of doing more each and every day. To eat to fuel my body. To take a yoga class and become more aligned physically and spiritually. It’s not always easy to push yourself to go to the gym, lift weights, or eat healthy but I am on my way to loving myself more each day so I will give myself the attention and opportunity to be better.

Self-love does not involve looking at your body in the mirror excessively for a six pack or loving yourself only when you finally see low numbers on the scale. Self-love is not narcissism nor does it involve placing benchmarks to achieve it. Self-love takes time, patience, and commitment and so does health. If you take the time for activities that will make you your best self, then that love will come much easier. What are you doing to give yourself love today?