Off to the Gym we Go's: Part 1

I will be honest, my training and eating habits have become extremely out of sync these past few weeks. It started when I stopped meal prepping, slowly trickled to missed days training, and then truly fell off the deep end when the holiday season started. It almost happened without me noticing it. It’s like doing the cupid shuffle and making one step in the wrong direction. You fall offbeat, you find yourself going to the right to the right when you should be going to the left to the left, and it’s completely downhill from there.

Here are 3 easy ways to recognize if and when you’re getting off track:

1. You’re eating things out of convenience rather than healthy habit

Nutrition is always the first to go. It’s easy to happen when there are a slew of holidays all in one foul swoop. Because nutrition falters first, I found myself gravitating towards eating out or grabbing things that I wouldn’t normally put into my diet more and more. No one wants to think about cooking when they are becoming hangry. If you are finding yourself gradually forgoing healthy eating habits, this is your sign to be more aware of what you are eating.

2. Your motivation is more tired than your body after a workout

Next goes motivation. Working out is therapeutic for me so when I find myself dragging ass through my workouts I know I am going through a gym life crisis. I have come to recognize that it is my mind and body’s way of telling me it is time to switch it up. I haven’t been pushing myself as hard because my workouts have become too routine, which can easily turn to boredom. I don’t feel challenged so it becomes harder to want to push through the same old. Are you losing motivation in your workouts? Then, this is your sign to change up your routine!

3. You’re beginning to come up with excuses as to why you can’t train

Consistency in training is the last to go. You are at the point where you are already eating poorly, your motivation is down in the dumps, so oh well why even try right?! When I’m in that space, I begin to rationalize my behavior. Lots of people have busy schedules, especially during this time of the year. There are a lot of other things we could be doing rather than dedicating time to go to the gym. Ultimately, it is a choice to get out of routine so it is also up to you to recognize it and get back on track. Excuses come about when I either don’t have any goals or lost sight of them. When there is nothing to strive towards, then it is hard to go through the motions. If you find yourself having more excuses than active days, then find a goal and make it happen!

Can we all make a pact that the holidays can no longer be the justification for sacrificing our progress?? Replace your cocoa and Ho Ho Hos with off to the gym we go's.

Tune in next week for Part 2 on ways to get back on track!