Your Mind can be a Little B@#!* : How to Know When it is Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals

The program told me to deadlift 235 lbs. for 5 reps so I walked up to the barbell and I set up. It wasn’t a hard act for me to do but the prior week my deadlifts felt off so I was more hesitant than usual to see if they would be tough today too. I went through the set and, like I expected, the weight felt difficult. Definitely not what I wanted and I was frustrated. I took my break, put chalk up to my hands, and this time before I walked up I gave myself a very simply pep talk:

“Stop being such a little b@#!* and lift the weight! You got this!”

Not the most glamorous way to get pumped but it was perfect for me and I went on to lift the weight for 5 reps three more times. Low and behold, the weight moved easier than ever!

This alone shows the problem with most people when it comes to fitness. Most want something but they have reasons that they believe are stopping them.

“I want to lift this weight but last week I had a hard time so I’m worried the same thing will happen this week”
“I want to start lifting but…”
“I want to lift more weight but…”
“I want to lose weight but…”

The similarity between all of those phrases is that damn “but”, which is not to be mistaken with it’s superior twin “butt”. It indicates the very moment when your mind takes over. Your mind will make an excuse as to why you can’t do the task and you will trust it. This alone shows me that either you don’t want it bad enough or you are letting your mind hold you back.

A big enough desire cannot be held back by the “but”. While I understand there are times when your body physically cannot do what you are asking of it, it’s easy to confuse the limitations of the mind and the limitations of the body.

Where your mind goes, your body will follow. There will be times when you must call your mind out for being a little b#@!*. You are capable; in fact you are so competent that it is slightly ridiculous. Drop kick those excuses, the “buts”, and carry on full speed ahead towards what you want.