Skinny with a Big Booty

My fitness goals keep me striving forward rather than getting comfortable at a particular place in my journey. My goals used to be tailored toward seeing aesthetic results and the truth is that all I wanted was to be skinny with a phat ass. No, I do not think being skinny with a big butt is a bad thing. Embracing your body is important so if that is what you want to look like then amen! I chose to reconsider that goal primarily because I now find strength to be so much more appealing. Looking back I thought that was the quintessential vision of what it meant to being fit and attractive. I followed tons of fitness pages dedicated to big booties and toned women that it’s no wonder that those two things were my primary objectives. It was easy to fall in the trap of believing my goals should be to look like someone else or workout to feel more attractive against a high cultural standard of beauty. Now I realize that when goals are based on such ideas, workouts become routine and it is easy to feel defeated by believing one’s body will never compare.

The issue with focusing on the aesthetic results of working out is that the effort it takes to get there becomes grueling and misdirected. This lovely quote by Eric Thomas speaks to this: “Fall in love with the process and the results will come.” When I altered my goals to enjoy developing my strength and fitness abilities, it was easier to want to sweat, work, and push through. I have a bigger butt and I’m leaner but I also am mixing up my workouts and food intake to keep my body constantly adapting. My goals are aimed at lifting more weight, improving my mobility by incorporating stretching/yoga, finding better recovery techniques, and also eating in a way that makes me feel mentally and physically nourished. I know that the byproducts of working out and eating well will come when my intentions are in the right place, centered on improving and loving the journey.