Water is Wet & Weight is Heavy: The One Tip That Will Make You Lift, Run, and Be Better Than Ever Before

There are some laws of life that cannot be second guessed.

Water is wet
Fire is hot
Weight is heavy

These are all undeniable and they guide our expectations and the way we go through life. However, I wish they weren’t so undeniable..particularly the third one. I wish weight were a little less heavy and for once when I’m under 245 pounds, the weight would be like “You know she has earned this… let’s lighten up a bit.” Maybe just then I would stop feeling the heaviness bearing down on me as I mentally repeat to myself how cumbersome it feels and how unsure of myself I am.

But the weight doesn’t care how I feel. It doesn’t care what I feel entitled to. It doesn’t even care how hard I’ve worked. The truth is that nobody does either. No one pays attention to your mental, emotional, and physical journey. They just care if you do it. Either you succeed or fail, there is no in-between in the laws of life.

But along the way I’ve found the way to change the laws. You see, the heavier the weight got, the more the weight brought me down, and when no one congratulated me for failing, I started creating my own rules and standards in life. Faith in self that deifies everything is an unlikely but ever-present component of hustling, of growth. I don’t deny what is wet, hot, or heavy but I also try to value the unshakable belief that I deserve to progress, that I have earned it to move forward. I deserve to lift heavier, run farther, and feel better about the way I look. In the end, holding tight to this is what changes everything.

You can’t alter what is true in life. You can’t adjust what people see in you or even sometimes what you physically feel. The only thing you can do is to change what you hold to be authentic in yourself. Because water is wet, fire is hot, weight is heavy but I am strong, I am worthy, and I am capable. These are the undeniable facts of my life.