The Power of Fitness Instagrams: How to Know When You Are Following the Right Accounts

Before I began lifting and getting into a routine of being healthy, I followed people on Instagram instead. If I followed people that were fit, I too would be motivated to get fit, right? WRONG! In the myriad of butt pictures, I ended up feeling more discouraged than encouraged. It took me sitting on the floor crying about how I was never going to be as fit as those people on Instagram before I had to take a serious look at what and who I chose to follow.

One by one, I began the process of unfollowing people that didn’t inspire me and with every click I felt lighter. Fitness instagrams have so much power to motivate and inform people about being healthy not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. However, it is easy to fall into the bad habit of comparison when we are constantly bombarded with pictures of the body we want but don’t have yet. This is the very reason why we must be selective when choosing who and what to allow into our awareness.

Follow accounts that give you information. Those who are open about telling you how they got where they are, show you videos or lead you to resources that can help you. Follow accounts that have more inspiration than ass-piration. Some people have the extraordinary talent of sharing their story in a way that you can connect to them. In disclosing their hardships, it motivates you to push past the discomfort because they are honest with how tough it is to develop their body.

It is easy to follow people that are beautiful or perfectly “fit”, we do it all the time. However, that is not what the fitness industry is intended to be. It is about the arduous experience of day in and day out transformation. Choose to follow people who have connection, passion, or honesty that encourage you to transform with them.

These are just a few of the pages I love! Check them out because you may love them too:


This page is based upon the idea of uplift and lift heavy. They connect you with powerlifters all around the country that are kicking ass. Every time I go to their page, I instantly want to get back in the gym and work harder.


Not only is this girl ridiculously strong, but she is flat out hilarious too. She shows you the grind it takes to train while making fun of the fact that the process of growth is not easy. I should really thank this girl for making me laugh through my hardest days in the gym.


They are unlike any other fitness company I’ve come across. Their gear is really awesome and for every item sold they provide one month of clean water to those in need. Talk about inspiring!