True Life: I am Scared to be Back in a Gym

Today is Wednesday, January 13, 2016 and I am going to admit that I am currently afraid to go to the gym. It has been two and a half weeks since I have even stepped foot into one, let alone tried to lift a weight. I am now learning how to empathize with everyone that is kicking off their New Year’s resolutions and working out for the first time in weeks or even months.

Perhaps you might be scared to admit just how out of shape you have gotten. You are worried that is going to be a never-ending pandora’s box of suckery when you start. You foresee a lot of heavy panting and struggling through soreness. Understanding all of this, you kind of want to run… wait, no running… briskly walk the other way and forget about going back altogether.

I understand that feeling because it took me almost three days to mentally prepare myself to lift. No one likes that feeling… that you have to start over in many ways. To be honest, I feel terrified to have my limitations blaring in my face if I begin to drop weight that I was easily lifting before I left.

Just a train of thought here but maybe getting back into the gym is courageous. I don’t want to make this sound glamorous or anything but it is awesome to think that you and I could start in spite of everything telling us not to. I think of it as transcending the possibility of my ego being bruised, my muscles being weak, and my body being beat down from the adjustment. It is about breaking through all the ideas in my mind that hold me back. When I put it like that, going back to the gym sounds pretty badass to be honest.

12:00 p.m. -  I am off to the gym. I will report to you when I get back on how I feel.

2:00 p.m. - I did better than I thought I would but I definitely noticed that I got weaker. At one point I had to stop myself from quantifying just how weak I got. When I got out of my head and out of my own way, I went through the exercises a lot faster.

Notes from the process: Don’t overthink it! You may have taken a few steps back but having a weak mind is worse than missing a few reps or being dog-tired. Begin somewhere because it is much better than being at a stand still.