Unhappy With Your Body? Try This

Unhappy with your body? Try This!

In the fitness world, it’s so common to see that phrase. Whether it’s a tea, wraps, or waist trainers, many people think that the resolution to their problems lies in a single thing. I think tea is great… but to believe that my love for tea is the way to being fit would create the habit of putting my health into the hands of a very tiny yet extremely refreshing drink. Being dissatisfied with your body will not change when you drink tea, it will come when you see yourself and your personal improvement in a different light.

The issue with all these products is that they misguide your efforts toward what appears to be an “easy” solution to your physical and mental realities. The truth is being fit is not always easy. You can make the process more enjoyable but it isn’t as simple as wrapping something around your waist and this is why:

Try to envision how many processes are occurring in your body at this very moment. You are breathing, reading, and thinking “woah this article is just so riveting.” Not to mention that you would not be who you are if every complexity under the surface did not work in unison. You are the beautiful and intricate coming together of each one of these processes. If you view yourself in this way, then it may be easier to be more mindful of what you think about and do to your body. In focusing all of your energy on one thought, body part, or remedy, you are neglecting all of the other facets that go into making you healthy. No product can give you the mental and physical change that is possible when you form habits that are tailored to you. Habits that support a healthy whole.

There is no quick fix to elicit the changes you want.  So start creating healthier patterns, listen to your body, work your ass off for what you want, aim your thoughts toward supporting your process, and perhaps have a nice cup of tea to finish the day because it actually is delicious.