Will You be my New Strong Friend? Why Your Training is in Desperate Need of a Fitness Tribe

It seems that I have become somewhat of an outcast. It becomes more obvious when my family wonder why I have so many deadlifting bruises on my legs. Or when friends wonder what (or if) I eat anymore. Or whether I have lost my life to the process of being healthy and strong.

I don’t know when living a life got confused with eating excessively, being complacent or inactive, but either way it forced me to figure out where I fit.

If you regularly look at the macronutrients on food labels, raise the roof

If you have ever gotten a PR and wanted to scream with joy, you get me

If someone has ever commented how muscular your thighs are and you take it as a compliment instead of an insult, hello new strong friend

We may not always be able to rely on our friends or family to understand why we do these things but I’m telling you that there are people that do. It is why I’m a part of Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and a powerlifting focused gym. I repositioned myself and have expanded my circle with my Tribe of people that finally get it. That will hold me accountable and give me advice when my squat sucks and I want an amazing donut place to go to after my workout.

I encourage you to find your people that will raise your health and strength vibrations. Those are the very people that will elevate you to the next level of your training or dieting. Go find your Tribe and never be an outcast again.