How to Deal With A**Holes in Our Lives Without Using Horoscopes or Excuses

The answer to most life’s questions lies in horoscopes. Naturally, most of us realize that horoscopes generalize characteristics about people. But forget it when we can have a reason for why we are addicted to online shopping and notoriously love Aries.

We are suckers for them because they satisfy our need for understanding about ourselves, about others. We crave to know why!

Why must that person be so combative? “Oh DUH it’s because they are a Scorpio”

No, let’s be frank with each other and say it is because they are just an asshole.

Every horoscope, past experience, and life in general can be made into a hypothesis for why people act the way they do. It is easier to believe that people’s shitty behavior is due to something uncontrollable and unchangeable.

Maybe people feel more obliged to act unruly because we do not set clear enough boundaries. Maybe we make justifications for them because we don’t want to be judged because we keep the company of people that act that way in the first place. Or maybe we need to recognize when we are simply making excuses for repeat offenders in our lives.

Some people’s consistent actions should not require explanation. We must choose to divorce ourselves from other people’s behavior and not react when they show up as they are every single time. They are their past, they are an asshole, they are full of beauty, they are a Capricorn with a little Pisces twist. Difficult people will remain no matter what month they were born in, which leaves us with an important question: They are who they are but can you accept that?