Can You Fail at Adulthood? The Guide to Being a Successful Adult Child in the Real World

Adulthood really is not what I thought it would be. I have a degree that I have no idea what to do with, I am too inexperienced for my dream job but too experienced and educated for a minimum wage position. In many respects, I should feel like an unsuccessful 20-something-year-old and some days I do feel that way.

What will make us successful adults when we look at our future and kind of want to bail and take a nap like a 4 year old? Or rather why does the real world shake up feelings of failure within us?

Failure and success are both relative ideas. Is Kim Kardashian any more successful than Oprah? That answer depends on what you deem as important. If Instagram likes is a determinant of accomplishment then Kim K may just be at the top.

The perception that where you are in life is a failure is just that… a perception. We feel disappointment because we are ingrained with ideas that success should look a certain way. It is the embarrassment when you try to tell your parents that you are taking a low paying job in a career that has nothing to do with your major. It is your ego screaming when you look around your cubicle and think, “Why the hell am I here getting paid slave wages for nothing?” We are programmed to have a definition of failure that is shameful.

We can reprogram our definition. We can choose the wrong path and still be an accomplished, gifted person. We are no longer obligated to the opinions of others and we will no longer allow them to consume and misguide us to feel that where we are is not important or advanced enough. The manner in which you accept “failure” reveals your openness to unforeseen blessings that may arise when you choose the life that is undefined by others and the gentleness in the process of figuring out this thing that people call adulthood.