Harry Potter Taught me This: Why You Should Love the Haters in Your Life

There is no better way to spend a three-day weekend than to indulge myself by watching every Harry Potter movie consecutively on TV. I was amped to say the absolute least watching but my reverie was quickly shut down when Malfoy entered the scenes. He’s a schemer, a tattle tail, and publicly humiliates anyone that is trying to do right or even begins to take the attention away from him. He is the epitome of what it means to be a hater.

I sat there watching Malfoy’s resting b*tch face and it dawned on me, in the most Cassie-overthinks-everything way possible, that we all have a “Malfoy” in our lives. We all have those people that will go out of their way to voice the fact that we are doing something wrong in their eyes, even when our intentions feel right, to push us down so that they feel bigger. The scariest part is that a lot of the time they are people that we consider close to us.

The more I look at this Slytherin hater, the more I understand my own. The people that are most likely to give me shit for doing what makes me happy are likely more insecure than I think. Maybe that is exactly what the esteemed writer that said, “haters are gon’ hate” meant. That the hurtful things people say are less about us as they are about them. No matter what we do, there will always people that will feel threatened if who we are, our light or our choices, makes them feel small.

There comes a time when others’ jealousy or resentment should not make us feel compelled to dim down who we are. Everyone has the capacity for magic. It is sad to think that some are so blinded to this that they resort to making others feel bad for being who they are. Perhaps, haters are the ones that need to be reminded most of their ability to be great. Perhaps, our greatest power shows through when we are called to accept and perhaps even embrace the Malfoys of the world.