How to be Interesting When You Have Mediocre Seflies

You are out in the world and come upon a stranger. Before you strike up a conversation, you go through all the possible awkward situations that could occur the moment you open your mouth.

This forces me to question if showing genuine interest in others has become a lost art.

Our culture values superiority and uniqueness. Anyone who becomes Instafamous is glorified and selfie books can sell millions of copies. In our minds that is what makes a person distinguished and liked by others. While those are not terrible qualities, over time, we have become fixated with the idea of showing others that we are special. Therefore, it is not surprising that we cannot enjoy a conversation without wondering how it will affect us.

We talk and think about ourselves too damn much. We desire others’ affirmation that we are interesting because that it is desirable and praised.

If you truly want to be interesting, be interested.

We must shift our perspective when reaching out to others. Dive wholeheartedly into someone else’s beautiful story. Everyone has one but few are given the time to share theirs. Be it a stranger or a friend, we must be open to the possibility that listening and learning from others is a more powerful way to share our goodness. If you aspire to be unique, be genuine. Be the one person that is engrossed in someone else, without thinking of a response, without wondering if you have a story to tell, without trying to impress anyone, just listen.