IPhones may be the Reason You Cannot Commit

Apple should be to blame for my commitment issues. The company keeps putting out new, state of the art models every few months, making me question my decision to buy a phone now when the Iphone 7s plus squared will be out in one short year? It seems in many respects that this generation has come to treat others like we treat Iphones. We have become fixated on the possibility of something better coming along. Why make a decision now, when we could have the bigger and better somewhere down the road?

The IPhone syndrome comes about when you take the “we’re just talking” route with people. That phrase of “we’re just talking” was popularized for the sole fact that people prefer to be entertained by someone than commit to them. You could “talk” to someone for months and send cute “good morning” texts every day but never really dive into the decision to date them. Just admit that you too have been plagued just like me. We are afflicted by indecision, by the possibility that in choosing we may be settling for something less.

The difference between settling and committing is simply the choice to be present. If you spent less effort chasing what seems to be more impressive, then it would be easier to understand if your decision is what is fitting for you. By fearfully warding off commitment with a ten yard stick, you may be overlooking the fact that what you have could be better than what is outwardly appealing. That the person you are “talking” to is actually really awesome and i could be the right choice, if you put down your stick for a second and embrace what is happening right now.

Indecision to a certain degree is a way to discern what is right. However, we can no longer use others as a playing ground for our indecision. We cannot forfeit being in the moment because the illusion that the bigger and better may be around the corner. We may not always be able to make a decision but we can actively choose to remain open to what life is offering us. We can buy the IPhone 6s because it is the best decision for us now and now is the best thing to commit to.