PokemonGo: The True Story of Being Young, Broke, and Restless While Trying to Catch 'Em All

Hold on with me here for a second for I am about to make a long metaphor. Take 5 minutes to read this and by the end you will understand why. Trust me on this.

I am dirt. Young, broke, and restless but dirt nevertheless.

I am dirt every time I can’t figure out my next move in life. When I wonder how the hell the Universe plans on me fulfilling my destiny when I am so scared of the “right” step that I can’t seem to take one at all. When I look at the expanding, limitless world in front of me and wonder how I am going to find my place in it. It has turned me to the equivalent of a Pokemon trainer without the app, which is honestly just me walking around the neighborhood with full fledged faith that the bush that I am throwing balls at has a Pikachu in it.

However, maybe that is all life is… belief, faith, trust. Without religious or spiritual beliefs attached, there is no proof that I will get everything my heart is set on. There is no confirmation that any of our wildest dreams will come true. That the young, broke, and restless thing about being 22 will go away any time soon. That trust behind each blind step infuses purpose in it all. It transforms each step into a small act of allegiance to the rhythm, the pull that we feel but cannot be sure of.

So, perhaps our Pokemon Go training gym is being dirt. We walk aimlessly with no app to aid our journey all in the name of faith because while we may be dirt now, we are merely in a season of pruning. We are in the beginning stages of growth. There is something under the surface, the exact thing we feel but cannot name, and it is just waiting to flourish like hell.

I am coming to find that perhaps among all the turns I unknowingly take, all of the pokeballs I waste on trying to catch things that aren’t meant for me, is life’s way of slowly redirecting me towards growth, faith, and an ultimate unwavering sense of purpose. Because I am are more than just this stage of pruning. I am the Pokemon Master of my life. I am simply on my way to catching ‘em all.