It's Okay to Act "Thirsty": How to be Honest About What you Want and Not Look Crazy

Raw honesty is a rare trait nowadays because we want to manage how we appear to others. Honesty is often misconstrued as being aggressive or “thirsty”. Why would we want to take that chance at ripping off the bandage when it could be taken so poorly? After all, we want to appear as the person who looks at thirsty people and says “I’m too hydrated to ever look that eager or demanding.” Ultimately, we just don’t want to seem like the “crazy girl” about life.

But- when did it become so hard to say how we freaking feel? When did it become more acceptable to go out of our minds before we can open our mouths and ask for what we want?

We revert to leaving signs. You want to know where you stand with someone so you beat around the bush. You play it cool, you tell them you’re going out or that someone tried to hit on you today. You try to make it so blatantly obvious that this is the opportune moment to set some boundaries on where this is going instead of just coming out and saying: I like you, you seem to think I’m jazzy so what the heck are we? Then, I can move forward and treat this situation accordingly.

There comes a point when being completely and utterly honest beats the hell out of fighting through the guess work. Some days you need your significant other to love you a little harder or for your friends with benefits to know that you think they are cooler than just something to keep around for a midnight snack. It’s in those instances when you have to risk revealing that you aren’t always a go-with-the-flow person, that you too have needs and wants.

So, say how you freaking feel right now. If you were waiting for a sign, then this is it. There is little to nothing you could lose. So what if you the person doesn’t feel the same? So what if that person doesn’t have the time or capacity to love you the way you want? You go back to your normal life without of the weight of not knowing. Be the “crazy girl” about getting yourself peace of mind.