How to Correctly Act Like a 20-Something Year Old: What to do When You Want to do Hoodrat Things but Also Want 8 Hours of Sleep

It seems that my biggest dilemma lately, beyond the “figuring out my life” thing, is that I can’t wrap my head around what it looks like to act my age. I am torn between the responsible 22-year-old or the one that is uninhibited without abandon that does some hoodrat stuff but also can’t find their other shoe after a night out.

Do I want to stay up until ungodly hours for taco Tuesday and work the next day on two hours of sleep? Do I want to eat snacks in bed, read a book, and get a solid 8 hours of sleep?

The possibilities are truly endless.

That is the true predicament isn’t it? To be in your 20’s and craving unadulterated freedom while having a hidden desire to create a stable foundation for our future more “adult” self.

This is the time when we are justified for having 10 years to immerse ourselves in whatever we choose and that choice will be our saving grace. We can risk everything and look foolish to experience what it means to indulge in ourselves. We have the brief opportunity to flirt with the boundaries of both responsibility or complete unrestraint.

Live in the outer limits. Being 20-something does not have a defined look so you must not waste this opportunity to recklessly color your life however you please. One day when you have exhausted the perimeters of living, you will find balance. You will emerge knowing what it means to be both free and stable at the same time. You will no longer be torn between the two because you will be ready to forfeit the boundaries and finally come home with both shoes on.