A Letter to My Mom (Although Words Will Never do Her Justice)

I have worked in childcare ever since I could hold a baby and one thing I have come to realize is that mothers, despite their greatest efforts, will always feel that they have never done enough for their child. My mom, on multiple occasions, has expressed feeling that she did not do everything she could have for my brother and I, that her actions are the reason why we sometimes can’t get our shit together. I have experienced it as a nanny, when I have felt the weight of not knowing if I’m doing everything to help her blossom into an intelligent, caring, joyful person. Maybe for this reason, we have a day dedicated to telling mothers just how much who they are has grown us in beautiful ways. Here is my attempt to share how grateful I am to be her daughter. Enjoy :)


Words will never do you justice for every letter and syllable, no matter how thoughtfully strung together will ever carry the weight of what it means to have your unconditional love.

You and I have talked about unconditional love about what it means exactly to love each other without requirements. I don’t think it is always easy to look at me and let go of everything you pictured once as you held me when I was younger, when you could hug and kiss me infinitely and without protest. With time, I witness that we have grown together. I am able to see the beauty that you are after the ebb and flow of balancing life and holding me so closely. With age I am able to admire you more deeply for all that you are and with grace you have adapted to who I am choosing to become.

When I am lost, unknowing of which choice in life will make me happier, you always guide me back to what it means to experience myself and life in love, patience, and gratitude. Unknowingly, through you I am able to recognize exactly what living life in such a way looks because you are an angel. A person who always overextends themselves to embrace others. A person that has sacrificed time, energy, and hours of sleep for me and for everyone that is blessed enough to feel your love.

As I find my place, I can always find you there. Having you with me exceeds any attempt that you have at doing everything exact by me. You are perfect in your own right, in all the ways only a mother can be. For that, you will always have done enough and will always be enough to me.

I love you forever

Read This Now to Illuminate Your Life

Your life isn’t Instagram. You don’t need likes or affirmation to know that your life is beautiful. No one’s words or lack thereof can take away the fact that you have purpose beyond posing with your hand on your hip because it makes your arms look slimmer. You have talent that is worth searching for. Once you find that gift, you must be compelled to share it with the world. You will find that it is too extraordinary to fit in an Instagram photo sized square.

Your life isn’t a selfie. Not everyone has the capacity to see your good side. People will adopt opinions about you no matter how perfectly you position your hand to capture yourself from a good angle. Therefore, you hold onto your truth, the knowledge of your brilliance. You should never value the sentiments of others more than you respect your own ability to be kind and patient with yourself. You know that it is what will matter when people zoom to assess if your butt is fake or your abs are photoshopped.

Your life doesn't need a Valencia filter. You embrace the nuances that life gives off when you can strip it down to the realest form; even if it shows just how pale you really are without your summer tan. The unintentional shading allows the darkness to collide with the light in such a way that you are reminded of the fragile balance that exists between the extremes. A harmony so extraordinary that you feel liberated when brought into the golden light after a period of darkness. You grasp onto the lighting of your #nofilter life because it revealed just how important it is to stop for a moment and be present with your reality of feeling lost or stagnant because when everything is finally illuminated, it will be nothing short of radiant.