Three Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost in Your 20s and Beyond

My life is the equivalent of Google Maps. I put the final address in and I'm on my way. But the maps aren’t updated. They lead me to side streets and in circles before I pull over and look at my phone and shout “WHAT THE F@!*” This journey was supposed to take 20 minutes and now I've passed the same person three separate times and I’m shouting at an inanimate object. I wonder if the map designers are sitting somewhere in the world laughing and saying, “You know what will really screw her, tell her to go right.”

My life is the equivalent of Google Maps because I’m in my twenties and I’m completely and utterly lost.

People in their twenties are in the cusp of childhood and adulthood and have the extraordinary excuse of being new to the “real world”. But being lost is not a condition of the twenties but rather a condition of life. You hope that at some point the feeling will dissipate and your life will have direction that you can’t foresee. The truth is most of the time it doesn't.

No amount of college or life experience can prepare you to be asked tough questions:

What are passionate about?

What brings you joy?

Are you willing to surrender time and security to pursue these things?

You will ask yourself these questions throughout your life and our lives will be the back and forth experience of knowing the answers and searching for more. As you evolve, so will your needs and the things your once felt were deep desires will transform. Therefore, your ability to re-ask and answer honestly will determine how dedicated you are to connecting to and experiencing yourself as you change.

Being lost is the active search for fulfillment only to realize that the right time was waiting to bring it out of you. It is experiencing the question mark before receiving the answer. It is  throwing your phone out the window and finding your way.