“Love is pain and sacrifice, it’s seeing the darkness in another person and defying the impulse to jump ship.” - The Great Kamryn

We all are the combination of both light and darkness. When we love, we expose ourselves to each side and choose to collide anyways. Their capacity for light guides us like a ship in the night as we navigate the depths of their shadows. Holding on to the goodness, we create a vision of the potential we see in them that transcends their flaws, their fear, their difficulties. Loving unearths the delicate and oftentimes terrifying balancing act of accepting those we love and holding tight to the belief that they are able to transform and become better. So we dig, we peel back the layers; we forgive and respect the non-negotiables with the hopes that it will reveal growth and beauty without compromising who we are. We hold tight to the vessel and wish like hell that their light can lead us to safe waters before we have to jump ship to preserve our own.

How do we know when to let go of our vision of another person’s potential? You will know when you shed their layers. If you can find harmony in accepting and growing, in the light and the dark, then choose love.