“You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”- Sharon Salzberg

When asked to name what and who we love, we frequently look beyond ourselves,  wholeheartedly relinquishing to loving other people and things. Giving so freely to others is the beauty of love but in the process we become disconnected from what it truly means to afford ourselves that same compassion. We may divide ourselves neatly to give to those we care about but the choice to cherish others from a place of imbalance can prove to be more detrimental. When we neglect giving ourselves that same love, it leaves us unable to deeply give without the requirement of validation and acceptance from others in return. We must change the manner in which we give our affection because the path to love always starts from within.

Today, go within and question if you have provided yourself the much needed love and affection you deserve? I urge you to do something to ensure that you have put yourself on your own love list.