“A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.”  - Rachel Naomi Remen

Our relationship to others in their time of healing is at times more complicated we than we anticipate. When we are called to help, we believe that by sharing our experience and knowledge we can talk them out of their pain. However, our attempts to soothe with our words oftentimes prove to be futile. When others reach out to us in their despair, we must be compelled to reach back and embrace instead. In the noise of the world, silence and the endearing touch of another become the soothing remedy to guide them through. With the cultivation of silence, we enrich our relationship to others and support their healing.

Are you quick to share words of advice when others come to you in their time of need? When we allow silence and love to speak louder than our words, we provide the comfort necessary to ease the pain of others.