“When you look at things differently, stories emerge. There is beauty in the everyday. And when people learn to look for it, they’ll find inspiration in the least likely places.” - Cade Martin

There is something exquisite about the nature of children. The very sunshine compels them to abandon the organization and answer the call of the unscheduled and unexpected. Looking back we have to wonder why, years later, we have become out of touch with our ability to be in the moment as we attempt to force ourselves into the rigidity of planning every step. We adamantly focus on “the plan” as if through its creation it will keep us on track toward more promising possibilities. In placing so much energy behind staying the course, we often forget the beauty of living and become unable to create space for us to remain present. Magnificence is yet to be experienced until we are able to look at each day differently and with the flexibility to allow for life to break through.

Are you planning so much of your life that you are losing out on the extraordinary experience of actually living it? If so, set aside your schedule and take the time to answer the spontaneous call of the things that excite your soul.