“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”

We are planted, blossoming  in the soil of all things we know ourselves to be and believe in. We evolve, creating branches of knowledge and leaves of experiences. We may change but our roots remain grounded in how we decide to see ourselves. Some nourish themselves through these roots with gratitude, purpose, and love while others choose to have a foundation based upon withering ideas of fear and lack. From the outside we all appear to be a sign of strength and immaculate growth but we are often tested as to whether or not our roots truly are enduring. Others or simply life will serve to rustle our leaves or even attempt to uproot us and in those times we are forced to reevaluate how firmly we are grounded. Reconnecting with the core of who we are is the simplest way to circumvent moments of angst. When we choose to see our own goodness and limitless capability, we will be able to supply ourselves with the love and courage necessary to bear the blows of life and emerge an intact and immense beauty in nature.

What do you root yourself in? Is it stable enough to handle life’s testing winds?