“If peace comes from seeing the whole, then misery stems from a loss of perspective” - Mark Nepo

One of our biggest gifts in life is our ability to see. The way we take notice and what we choose to lend our attention to in the expansiveness of the planet and the small piece that is our world. Too often we focus in on moments of discomfort, be it our failures or annoyances, and allow them to take up our whole view. We take the beautiful gift we are given, which is to see and use it to ruminate on the difficulties that life has handed us. If only we were able to use our gift more wisely. If we only stepped back, we would understand the blessing; we could change our perspective and see the whole. Only then, would we know the true meaning of living in gratitude and assurance rather than misery. Only then, would we know peace.

Are you giving too much of your attention to the wrong things? Have you lost touch with the whole? The answer is simple… change your perspective.