“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity”- Weil

Most of us do not question our natural condition of being “whole.” We believe that at each instant we are intact beings joining together with others in all of their totality as well.  In many respects it seems that does hold true; however, we considerably overlook the ability to give our attention from this same manner of wholeness. We scatter our focus, lending it to thoughts, people, and objects outside of our current physical reality. Is it possible that we believe that giving our partial attention to many things will satisfy our desire for belonging on a greater scale. We feel the more we connect to, the greater the possibility we may receive in return. Contrary to this notion, when we engage from this fragmented focus, we are unable to deeply and respectfully bond with others. We truly unite in friendship and love when approach the present moment from the rare but necessary state of undivided attention.

Are you giving too many people your incomplete attention, disconnecting you from the possibility of more meaningful interactions? I hope today you treat each instance and all those you come in contact with the extraordinary kindness of your complete attention.