“The greatest tragedy the world has ever told you is that you should be like someone else. You are what no other soul is.” – Christopher Poindexter

As individuals, we are without parallel. No person will ever evolve in the exact way as we have. Yet, we often fall into the habit of using others as a means of comparison, evaluating our progress and value in relation to how we measure up physically, mentally, and emotionally to the people we are connected to. At times this assessment causes us much discomfort as we realize we may not be where or who we thought we were. We painfully battle with the unwanted feelings that arise and, in our attempts to soothe our egos, we hopelessly search and cling to anything that will bring the other person down or elevate us. Thus, we venture to “even out the playing field” of life. However, in the act of comparison we needlessly distance ourselves from the very people that have the potential to motivate us in unimaginable ways and compel us to be better. Comparison, while influential in the attainment of goals, should not undermine the importance of viewing the person you are now and your journey as extraordinary and without equal.

So today, are you viewing others through the lens of comparison? If so, I hope you set aside the fire of your ego and allow others to inspire rather than diminish your unique journey.